Crown Uniform and Linen Announces Post on Environmentally Friendly Linen Service for Medical & Healthcare in Boston and All of New England

February 2, 2021 – Boston, Massachusetts. Crown Uniform and Linen, a locally-owned New England delivery service at, is proud to announce a new post specific to medical-grade uniform and linen services. Hospitals and clinics searching for a professional medical linen service in Boston, Massachusetts and other Massachusetts cities can review the new informational post.medical linen service in Massachusetts

“The demand for hygienic linen delivery has not slowed down. Even with the announcement of vaccine distribution on the horizon, hospitals and clinics still require a large amount of sanitized uniforms and linens,” explained Plato Spilios, Co-President at Crown. “Our new post focuses on the medical community in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. We express our commitment to them and how we’ll continue to deliver on healthcare expectations.”

Medical decision-makers in Boston and the surrounding New England area can review the new post.  Professional cleaning of uniforms and linens for the medical sector in Massachusetts, including hospitals, dental clinics, and doctor’s offices, has not slowed down for 2021. The new post explains the importance of hygienically cleaned uniforms and linens. To meet patient demand, medical facilities might need a large supply of fresh nurse uniforms, surgical scrubs, and lab coats. A top-tier linen delivery service in Massachusetts can help meet high standards for medical linens, uniforms, and PPE. Healthcare professionals can review the updated medical linen page at It should be noted that Crown offers a sister website at that focuses on medical apparel including uniform needs.


The healthcare community continues to manage a pandemic in tandem with a regular patient workload. Uniforms, PPE, and linens required to care for patients must meet medical standards. First responders, doctors, nurses, and other medical staff in Boston as well as other healthcare-oriented communities in Massachusetts don’t have time to spend worrying whether their uniforms and towels are clean and ready to use. An expert linen service in Massachusetts ready to meet rigorous healthcare standards provides a solution. A local team skilled in delivering hygienically clean hospital bedding and uniforms move concerns away from the laundry and help first responders focus on the patient. Medical standards for clean uniforms, towels, bedding, sheets, and PPE might be difficult for an average delivery service to handle. For these reasons, Crown Uniform and Linen Service announce a new post for the Boston healthcare community.


Crown Uniform and Linen Service is an eco-friendly/green, family-owned, commercial linen service serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, and Connecticut. Business leaders looking for the best linen service in Boston, Cambridge, Springfield, Worcester, Hartford CT or Nashua NH, can reach out to the company. Industry leaders responsible for securing a top-rated laundry service for restaurants, medical offices, hospitals and hotels can review more details on the company website. Service includes commercial laundry for manufacturing, education and food processing. Crown’s commercial laundry service lets business owners focus on their business. The company also offers logo mats and mat rental services throughout New England.