Crown Uniform and Linen Announces Post on Commercial Linen Service Issues for 2021

Hartford, Connecticut – December 18, 2020. As we look forward to 2021, Crown Uniform and Linen, a best-in-class uniform rental and linen service is proud to announce a new post focused on commercial linen service customers. Business customers are increasingly focused on cost, quality, and environmentalism as they deal with outsourcing their linen service needs. Commercial linen service Massachusetts

“Many businesses remain open, but 2020 has been anything but easy. Restaurants and hotels, for instance, are constantly searching for simple cost-cutting tactics that don’t negatively impact customer service quality or the environment,” explained Plato Spilios, Co-President at Crown. “We have a strategy that could help. Our post explores the value of leasing linens vs. buying — and all the downstream issues.”

Business owners can read the new post at The post explains that a professional linen service can deliver fresh, commercial linens and uniforms once a week at a reasonable cost. It also reviews the costs and benefits of going this route. Business owners can learn even more about Crown’s linen services and can also find details about its environmentally friendly operations at Finally, they can reach out for a no-obligation consultation to find out how outsourcing their commercial linen service needs may be the best option for their business. Businesses that need hand sanitizer for customers and employees can get information about Crown Linen’s sister company, Purifier.


Shutdowns and shelter-in-place rules created financial hardship for many businesses across New England. From Massachusetts to Connecticut, New Hampshire to Rhode Island, and Vermont to Maine, New England business owners have worked hard to follow federal and state guidelines. Many of these businesses suffered a direct financial impact as a result, and cost concerns are paramount going into 2021. As businesses look forward to 2021, their primary focus may be the cost advantages of a commercial linen service. However, they still desire high quality products, excellent service, and sustainable business practices. Crown Linen’s new blog post addresses these commercial linen issues.


Crown Uniform and Linen Service is an eco-friendly/green, family-owned, best-in-class commercial linen service serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, and Connecticut. Whether a customer is looking for the best linen service in Boston or Cambridge, Springfield or Worcester, Hartford CT or Nashua NH, Providence RI or Portland ME, or a top-rated uniform service for restaurants or food processing, medical offices or healthcare, hospitals or hotels or other commercial laundry service needs such as manufacturing or education, they should visit the website at Crown’s commercial laundry service lets business owners focus on their business. The company also offers logo mats and mat rental services throughout New England.