Crown Uniform and Linen Announces New Post on Benefits of a Linen Service vs. Linen Supply Ownership in Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts – November 23, 2020. Crown Uniform and Linen, a leading linen service for New England is proud to announce a new post on the benefits of a linen service over a traditional linen supply option. A linen service, in contrast to a linen supply company, allows a business to outsource the entire linen supply chain to a third party company that provides clean linens on a regular basis.Crown Uniform and Linen

“Owning one’s linens outright isn’t necessarily a smart decision,” explained Plato Spilios, Co-President at Crown. “We find that companies from Boston to Worcester, Springfield to Cambridge, and every Massachusetts town in between can benefit from a professional linen service. Outsourcing their linen problem frees them up to focus on more important aspects of their business.”

Persons who would like to read the new post can visit The post explains that “buying” linens isn’t the best option, nor is finding a linen supply store. A better option is to outsource the complexities of the linen supply chain to a best-in-class professional vendor. Doing so allows business owners to focus attention on their primary business. Persons who want to learn more about the benefits of a professional linen service can visit

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Here is the background on this release. New England is a fragmented region. While there are very large cities like Boston or Providence, there are also many medium or smaller-sized cities and towns dotting the countryside. New Englanders are fiercely loyal to their home states, yet turn to local companies like Crown Uniform and Linen who service all of New England. Fortunately, as the new blog post explains, Crown Linen brings its best-in-class linen services to businesses in many states across the region. The savvy business owner outsources his or her linen needs to a professional service.


Crown Uniform and Linen Service is an eco-friendly/green, family-owned, best-in-class commercial linen service serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, and Connecticut. Whether a customer is looking for the best linen service in Boston or Cambridge, Springfield or Worcester, Hartford CT or Nashua NH, Providence RI or Portland ME, or a top-rated uniform service for restaurants or food processing, medical offices or healthcare, hospitals or hotels or other commercial laundry service needs such as manufacturing or education, they should visit the website at Crown’s commercial laundry service lets business owners focus on their business. The company also offers logo mats and mat rental services throughout New England.