Coronavirus Means That the Healthcare Sector Needs Even More Linens

Healthcare is one of the industries that is critical during the coronavirus pandemic and is almost overwhelmed. Crown is working harder than ever to keep the healthcare sector filed with linens.That means that the sector is producing more “dirty laundry” than ever and needs it turned around fast. Fortunately, at Crown, we are the #1 linen service for healthcare in Massachusetts and we are working harder than ever in order to ensure that there is no delay in the turnaround time. It is vital that everyone working in healthcare has the linens that they need.

Of course, that is not just confined to nurses’ and doctors’ uniforms. Hospitals are using far more bed sheets, blankets, towels, and so on than they do in normal times, and it is critical that they have enough to handle all those extra patients. Many patients only need a short stay in the hospital before they can return to their homes, so the bed that they have been using can be cleaned down and used for the next patient. So all the bedding must be there – no excuses.

Fortunately, as the #1 linen service for healthcare in Massachusetts, at Crown, we have always believed in investing in the very latest machinery so that we can provide nothing short of a superb service for our healthcare clients. That means that we can process a lot of linens and uniforms in a very short space of time because all of our equipment is capable of running non-stop. Our staff is also working overtime in order to keep turnaround times to the absolute minimum.

Sustainability in Linens and Commercial Laundry Needs

As the #1 linen service for healthcare in Massachusetts, it is obvious that we use a lot of water. However, we are committed to doing everything that we can to work in a sustainable fashion and play our part in protecting the environment. As such, we have installed a system for collecting and processing rainwater. It is cleaned and heated and used for washing. One inch of rainwater provides us with approximately 52,000 gallons of water that would otherwise go to waste.

We have also introduced low-flow toilets and low-flow faucet aerators in our premises, as a further way of reducing water consumption. In addition, as one of the very few environmentally conscious laundries, we have invested in the Norchem Ceramic Filtration System. This is a recycling system that has been designed specifically for laundry waste-water treatment that is done without using chemicals and is fully automated. It lowers our water, energy, and chemical usage, yet still washes to the highest OSHA and HLAC standards. We have calculated that this will save more than 4,680,000 gallons of water every year.