Cleanliness Is Vital for Uniforms and Linens for Food Processing Plants Here in Massachusetts

While lots of factories have migrated out of New England, states like Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and even Connecticut, still have lots of “factories” that are food processing plants. Food Processing Plant Linen, Uniform, and Commercial Laundry Service.They have to have the highest standards of cleanliness, and that includes employee uniforms and linens.

At Crown, we have invested in the very latest technology and equipment in order to insure that our food processing plant linen service and uniform supplies are nothing short of the very highest quality. Whether you operate a food processing and manufacturing business or a small restaurant, in either case hygiene is of the utmost importance and we fully understand that. At Crown, we make certain that all uniforms and linens are laundered according to FDA, CDC and HACCP standards and will help you meet, or exceed regulatory expectations.

Of course, while hygiene is vital in your business, so are your supplies of uniforms and linens. They have to arrive fully cleaned and ready to go, on time every time. Just as you rely on your deliveries of fish, meat, vegetables, or whatever you use to produce your products, so you need to be able to rely on your linens and uniforms. If your fish or meat failed to arrive on time, your plant would come to a grinding halt. The same thing applies to your linens and uniforms. You could have all your ingredients right there, but if your linens and uniforms didn’t arrive you would still not be able to operate.

Our food processing plant linen service is critical for your business. As far as you are concerned, we may only be a very small cog in your big wheel, but we know that we have to perform as you expect us to. That’s in both our interests, because if we were to let you down you would simply take your business elsewhere, and we fully understand that.

We Go The Extra Mile as a Commercial Laundry Service

This is why we always go the extra mile to make certain that everything we do insures that your business can run without you having to worry about whether or not your linens will turn up on time. We know that you have far more things on your plate than that, and that we should simply operate in the background so that you hardly notice that we are here.

At Crown, we have invested in only the finest quality uniforms and linens, including such things as flame-resistant work shirts, personalized chef coats, and microchipped aprons, as well as having our service representatives trained to the highest standards to make certain that your inventory is always consistent, no matter if it is a busy period or you have a sudden rush. Whether you’re in Boston or Worcester, Nashua NH or Providence RI, or perhaps in Springfield or Medford, Massachusetts, reach out to us for a consultation on your commercial laundry needs.