Hygienically Clean Dental Uniforms at Dental Palooza in Boston Massachusetts

Crown’s healthcare sales representatives were on hand and excited to talk about hygienically clean dental uniforms live and in person at this year’s Massachusetts Dental Society, Yankee Dental Congress, Dental Palooza in Boston, Massachusetts. As a best-in-class uniform and linen service for dentists and dental offices in Massachusetts and indeed all of New England, Crown was excited to attend. Here are highlights –

New England dental professionals were finally able to get together for education, networking, and camaraderie after a year of tightened regulations, state mandates, and uncertainty when it comes to COVID-19 and its impact on the dental industry.Dental Office Linen Service in Boston, Massachusetts

The buzz of discussion, when it comes to hygienically clean dental uniforms was compliance, protection, and cross-contamination best practices. Our Crown representatives had a chance to speak with Lisa Kane, DMD from Dental Office Compliance of New England, and get her thoughts on hygienically clean uniform service programs versus laundering staff uniforms in the home laundry.

Lisa Kane, DMD & Jennifer Russell provided an educational segment on understanding OSHA and CDC guidelines, recognizing common areas where lapses occur and how to correct them as well as reviewing the latest guidelines regarding COVID-19. Dental Compliance of New England  https://doc4ne.com/

65% of Dental Professionals surveyed claim maintaining OSHA Compliance with a dental uniform rental service is very important

Crown is proud to provide detailed information to Massachusetts Dental Society members on how our hygienically clean dental uniform service can complement the best practices guidelines. We find most of our dental professionals are looking for protection, comfort while still maintaining their brand & professional image.

We also find many dental professionals, managers, and dentists throughout New England find comfort in knowing not only does Crown provide professionally clean and laundered uniforms, but we also do so by adhering to strict internal guidelines and quality standards. The HLAC, OSHA, Clean Green and Hygienically Clean certifications are what continues to set Crown apart from the competition.

Crown’s Top 5 Most Requested Dental Uniforms

If you missed Crown Uniform & Linen at Dental Palooza, Massachusetts Dental Society members can download our white paper here and our expert sales team will reach out to answer any questions you may have.