Benefits of First Aid Service vs. First Aid Kits

It is inevitable as a business owner to invest in some version of a first aid kit for your business – large or small. Depending on the number of employees you have, you may be required to always have a certain number of supplies on hand. As a business owner or manager, who are you responsible for ensuring that you always have what you need in case OSHA shows up at your doorstep to enforce regulation? Who is responsible for keeping the kit manageable cleanliness? Are you actually able to find what you need in an emergency situation?

For these very reasons, it is very typical for medium to large size businesses to invest in First Aid Service rather than purchasing a first aid kit directly. What value does a First Aid Service bring to you as a business owner? We break them down in this post.

Confidence knowing you always have the right amount of First Aid supplies.

You should be able to trust your First Aid Service provider is checking your first aid supply regularly – whether that be weekly or monthly. Worrying about having the correct number of bandages, eye wash fluid, or whether any medication is expired can be time-consuming – not to mention ordering new supplies and stocking those on a regular basis. First Aid Services have this down to a science, so the worry is no longer yours.

Safety Expertise should come with your First Aid Service.

Ideally, your First Aid Service also invests in high levels of training so you and your staff feel confident in using the supplies provided. A great benefit to First Aid Service is the knowledge transfer on how and when to use certain supplies and knowing exactly what OSHA enforces state to state. This expertise is valuable when it comes to First Aid Service and the quality you should look out for when choosing a provider.

Better Organization = Better Prepared for Emergency.

When owning a first aid kit without the service, you are also in charge of keeping it clean and tidy. It is very common to see first aid kits that are difficult to navigate or find what it is you need quickly. High quality First Aid Service can provide kits with easy-to-use color-coded modules that are injury specific. You can easily find what you need with clear labels and boxes for injuries, making your panic in an emergency come down to more calm conditions.