Believe It or Not, It Can Be Better to Rent Linens Than Buy Them

“To be, or not to be? That is the question” pondered Hamlet. That was the stuff of William Shakespeare in the 16th century.Linen rental can be a better deal than buying

However, today, some 350 years later, if you are opening a restaurant, bar, dentists’ or doctors’ office, or one of many other businesses that need to use a lot of linens and/or uniforms, a better question would be “To buy, or not to buy?”

Many people who are starting a business for the first time, such as a restaurant, need to look for linen supply companies in Massachusetts and have it in their head that it is best to buy their linens and uniforms.

However, the really smart ones who stop to think about it for a bit begin to realize that it is a lot smarter to rent rather than buy.

A Whole Bunch Of Massive Overheads

Think about it: when you are starting a business – let’s say it’s a restaurant – there are a whole bunch of massive overheads that you have to spend before you take a single cent. OK, you may be a great chef and if you open a restaurant that becomes popular there are superb profits to be made. However, that comes way down the line. First, you need to find a whole chunk of money to invest in your kitchen, fitting out the restaurant with fine tables, chairs, and so on, perhaps installing a bar, advertising for staff and interviewing them, getting in stocks of wine, beer, spirits, and a whole lot more. You can go through $50,000 without even thinking about it. Probably $100,000 would be more like it.

It follows that when you look for linen supply companies in Massachusetts you are going to be far better off renting rather than buying because it means less capital outlay.

It also means that when linens wear out, become damaged, or a staff member leaves and you need to replace their uniform with one of different size for a new staff member, you still have no outlay.

As one of the foremost linen supply companies in Massachusetts, at Crown Uniform & Linen Service more and more of our clients are choosing to rent from us rather than buy. Certainly, you can buy from us if you want to, and we will be happy to supply you. However, we are pretty certain that you will find that renting is the better deal.

And before you ask, yes, you can have your uniforms and linens embroidered with your logo in just the same way as if you purchased them. They become “yours”. But with the big advantage that they cost you absolutely nothing other than the monthly rental.