As Major New England Employers, Hospitals Need Lots of Clean Linen

Hospitals are major employers in New England, and they have a lot of patients to care for, especially with the way things are right now. Ensuring that they have sufficient linens, overalls, and uniforms is one of their major considerations, but what they should never have to do is to worry about them.Hospitals need a fast linen turnaround service

At Crown Uniform and Linen, we believe that implicitly. A linen service for hospitals in New England should be something that operates silently in the background and just “happens”. They should arrive back from the laundry on time – every time. There should never be an occasion when they don’t arrive when they are needed because the laundry has had a problem with a machine or has staff off sick. If you run a hospital, you have quite enough to worry about without wondering if you’ll have enough clean scrubs next Tuesday.

We Are Not Saying We Never Have A Problem

Now, please note that we are not saying that we never have problems at Crown. We do. Things can go wrong. People can go sick. A van can break down or be involved in an accident. But those are OUR problems, not your problems! We will move heaven and earth to ensure that your laundry and linens arrive when they are supposed to arrive and that you should never even be aware that we have had a problem. If that means that one of our directors has to roll up his sleeves and jump in a van or get down and start pressing uniforms, then that’s what happens.

Of course, as the leading linen service for hospitals in New England, we take every care to endeavor to ensure that things don’t go wrong. We continually invest in the very latest machinery and systems. Our vans are serviced when they should be serviced. Our staff receive training to the highest standards. We only ever use first-class cleaning ingredients.

We also operate in as green a way as possible. We have a system for collecting and purifying rainwater to save wasting it. We have a system that cleans and recycles all the wastewater that we produce. As much of our electricity as possible is produced by solar panels.

Everything that we do is carried out with one intention and one intention only, and that is to ensure that you never even have to think about your laundry. We have been in business for over 100 years, and we have things down to a fine art, which is why we are regarded as the foremost linen service for hospitals in New England. We make certain that, whatever problems we may have, your laundry still just “arrives”.