Crown Uniform and Linen Service Gives Back: 1,600 Pounds of Bed Linen Laundered for Household Goods

Last month Crown Uniform and Linen Service was honored to be able to collaborate with Life Science Cares and MassBio to serve the Massachusetts community and Household Goods by laundering 1,600 pounds of bed linen, donated by Boston College students as the depart for the summer. As a family-owned local business, we are always striving to give back to our community and Household Goods gave us this great opportunity.

Uniform and Linen servicesWhen we heard about the partnership between Boston College and Household Goods, and how they were challenged to find laundering solutions for donated bed linens, we jumped at the opportunity to help. Crown service reps picked up 1,600 pounds of bed sheets and brought them to our Brockton, MA facility to be hygienically laundered, and then delivered them back to Household Goods in Acton.Linen Service in Brockton and Boston Massachusetts

“We are incredibly proud to partner with an organization like Household Goods thanks to our relationship with MassBio and Life Science Cares. As a family-owned local company we were honored to have the opportunity to launder hygienically cleaned linens in order to enable Household Goods to serve the individuals and families in need throughout Massachusetts. In times like these we believe that it is important for New Englanders to stick together and serve the community that we so proudly call home.” – George Spilios, Co-President at Crown Uniform.

  • You can read more about this collaboration and story in this recent press release.