The Benefits of a Crown Uniform Rental Program

Crown Uniform Rental Program is Affordable.

We buy it, we wash it, you wear it - what could be easier?

Crown's uniform rental program means that you can rest assured your employees are presenting a consistent, professional image every day. Our uniform rental service includes weekly pickup and delivery, professional laundering and pressing, and automatic repairs and replacements for about the same cost as a cup of coffee and doughnut a day.

We start by creating a uniform program that suits your needs, budget and schedule. You choose from high quality uniforms that come in a wide selection of styles and sizes and we will arrange an on-site fitting for all of your employees to ensure that every garment fits well. Finally, you are included on a weekly route schedule to pick up soiled garments, drop off clean ones, and update any staff changes.

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Crown Uniform Rental Service Provides New Uniforms
All New Garments

Choose new garments from brand names you know and trust, like Dickies, Red Kap, Fashion Seal, Medline, and Best. We offer a wide selection of colors, styles, and sizes so you can create a team image for your company.

Crown Uniform Rental Service Provides Inventory Control
Personalization & Inventory Control

Your garments are labeled with each employee's name, your account name, and a customer number, so your employees only wear the garments purchased specifically for them, and we keep track of the inventory.

Crown Uniform Rental Service Provides Professionally Clean and Pressed Uniforms
Professionally Laundered, Pressed, Delivered

Your garments are laundered to the highest OSHA standards and we guarantee quality consistency. Finished garments are wrinkle-free, placed on hangers, wrapped in plastic, and delivered on time each week.

Crown Uniform Rental Service Has No Up-Front Cost
No Up-Front Cost

Crown's uniform rental program puts all of your employees in brand new garments without hurting your cash flow. Your staff can enjoy fresh uniforms every day for less than the cost of coffee and doughnuts.

Crown Uniform Rental Service is One Low Weekly Rate
One Low Weekly Rate

Our rates are affordable. Straight forward billing makes it easy to budget costs effectively over the entire year. Your weekly rate covers pickup & delivery, alterations, repairs, and replacements.

Crown Uniform Rental Service Provides Repairs, Replacements and Alterations
Repairs, Replacements and Alterations

Our High Quality Assurance System identifies things like stains and rips that may go unnoticed by customers, and Crown's Automatic Upgrade Program ensures that your garments are continuously replaced as needed.