Uniform Leasing Program From Crown Uniform & Linen Service

Crown Uniform Leasing Service

Lease Uniforms: We buy it, you wash it, you wear it - and we still maintain it!

Leasing uniforms from Crown means that all of your employees are fitted with top quality uniforms at no up-front cost to you. We will arrange a route schedule that fits your needs and make sure that all of your employee's uniforms remain in top condition. We can perform alterations, repairs, and even stain treatments if needed.

Leasing uniforms allows you to enjoy the benefits of professional uniforms, while your employees wash and iron their own garments. Leasing uniforms often works best for companies that experience frequent employee turnover or have employees that do not consistently meet at a central location.

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Uniform Leasing is Low Cost
Minimal Up-Front Cost

You pay a minimal cost up front and make no investment in uniform inventory. You pay only for the garments currently in service.

Crown Manages the Uniform Lease Program
We Manage Inventory

We run the program and manage the inventory. Our experience and expertise saves you time and aggravation, so you can focus on your business.

Uniform Lease is Fixed Price
Pay Fixed Amount

We charge a fixed amount per person, so you can budget costs effectively over the entire year. With Crown there are never hidden costs.

Crown Leased Uniforms are Tailored
Personally Tailored

We fit garments personally to each new employee so that uniforms fit well, look great, and are comfortable.

Crown Uniform Lease Service Includes Aletrations and Repairs
Alterations, Repairs, Replacements

We take care of alterations, repairs, and replacements. Your garments will automatically be repaired and replaced as needed.

Crown Uniform Lease Program Allows You To Reuse Uniforms
Reuse Garments

You can reuse the garments of employees who leave, saving you a significant amount of money.