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Crown offer dust control solutions with wet mops, dust mops, and cleaning towels, and other janitorial supplies.

Crown Mop Rental Service: Because Your Floors Are Only As Clean As Your Mops

Dirty mops are a breeding ground for mold, germs, and bacteria, yet the mops typically used in a business are rarely washed more than once every few months. Dirty mops do nothing more than spread germs and push dirt around. A Crown mop rental service will take the stress out of providing fresh, sanitary mops to your maintenance staff every week. Properly cleaned and treated Crown mops will perform more effectively, allowing your staff to clean more efficiently.

With a Crown Dust Control Program, your building stays cleaner, presenting a more attractive and professional image, and ensuring that your employees and customers remain healthy and happy. Your floors stay clear of debris that could cause accidents. Even your air stays cleaner, with fewer dust microbes that can harm electronic equipment, aggravate allergies, or clog air conditioning filters.

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Wet Mops and Looped End Mops
Wet Mops

Looped end wet mops are a mainstay in floor care because they are absorbent and long lasting, and are ideal for laundering, making them easy to keep clean.

Micro-Fiber Mops
Microfiber Mops

Microfiber mops are more absorbent than traditional mops and the positively charged microfibers attract dust particles (that are negatively charged), with fibers that penetrate the surface pores of most flooring materials.

Dust Mops
Dust Mops

While brooms merely push dirt around, soft fiber dust mops actually attract and hold the dust on their surface without scratching your floors.

Commercial Cleaning Towels
Cleaning Towels

Our lint free cleaning towels and glass towels can be used wet or dry and are ideal for any surface. Our towels come in a variety of colors, fibers, and sizes so there is always a towel that is well suited for the job at hand.