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Crown Is An HLAC Accredited Medical Linen Service

Crown provides a medical linen service that helps you maintain a clean, safe environment in your healthcare facility, laboratory, or medical office. Crown is a fully accredited healthcare linen service that uses leading edge technology to ensure medical laundry regulatory compliance in order to help protect healthcare workers and their patients from infectious disease, blood born pathogens, and harsh chemicals.

Crown understands that managing your inventory is the key to managing your costs and our soil counting inventory solution guarantees accurate and consistent deliveries based on your weekly usage.

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“Crown attends all my needs for the operating room. I am very satisfied, and would certainly recommend Crown to others.” Diana Smith - Stamford Hospital

Patients and Providers Prefer Cloth Medical Linens

Crown Medical Linens Are Eco-Friendly
High Quality and Eco-Friendly

Crown's cloth medical linens are high quality so they look better, feel better, and last longer. And our state of the art healthcare laundry system is specially designed to be more environmentally friendly than on-site washing.

Crown Medical Linens Are Cost Effective
Cost Effective Medical Laundry Solution

Our soil counting solution means that you always have the right amount of hygienic linens without having to maintain expensive laundry equipment. And we take care of repairs and replacements.

Crown Medical Laundry is HLAC Approved and OSHA Compliant
HLAC Accredited and OSHA Compliant

Crown's fully accredited medical laundry service ensures that your medical linens are laundered to the highest OSHA and HLAC standards, helping your facility to stay hygienic and compliant.