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Company Uniforms

Corporate apparel is an important part of your business image and provides your staff with a comfortable and convenient solution for presenting themselves as a unified team. You want your employees to reflect a professional image while representing your business, while they like to dress as individuals and be comfortable while working.

Crown offers the best of both worlds with a wide variety of employee uniforms in styles and colors that will keep your staff comfortable while looking professional. Choose from polo shirts, button down shirts, Oxford shirts, pleated slacks, work shorts, blazers, and team jackets. You can even have your company uniforms personalized with an embroidered logo and employee name.

There are a number of advantages to providing company uniforms. You can rest assured that your staff will be dressed in appropriate attire, employees will feel more like a team, and customers can easily identify who works for your company. And best of all, custom corporate apparel turns your employees into walking billboards, reinforcing your brand identity everywhere your employees go.

Whether your employees are in an office, at a service counter, or making deliveries, Crown has the right Uniform Program to make sure your staff looks professional and feels great.

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“My guys look so much better in Crown uniforms that even my customers are commenting on it. This is great! ”
Wayne Mulligan - Tri State Hood & Duct