Are Restaurant Napkins Really Clean?

Are Restaurant Napkins Really Clean?

Hygiene is an important health and safety aspect of any industry and food service is certainly no exception. In fact, restaurants today are paying more attention than ever to how food is prepared, stored, and served. Customers are more inclined to think about the cleanliness of the establishment, the dishes, and even the table linens.

Restaurants are used meeting health and safety standards for equipment and processes, but very little has been done to ensure that the linen napkins customers use are properly cleaned. If a restaurant is using a commercial laundry service that does not voluntarily obtain hygienic laundering certification, they have no way of knowing if all the spoil and bacteria has been removed from their linen napkins.

Fortunately for restaurants and food service organizations in New England, Crown Uniform & Linen Service is Hygienically Clean Certified by the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA).

The TRSA Hygienically Clean certification verifies that textiles cleaned in approved facilities meet appropriate hygienically clean standards and best management practices for servicing restaurants, bakeries, dairies, fruit/vegetable, animal processing, and other food and beverage industry segments.

Our Hygienically Clean laundering process consists of laundering, pressing, packaging, and storing linen napkins at our facility until they are delivered back to the customer.

Crown customers are assured that inspectors have verified our laundry practices, including washing procedures (detergent formulas, temperature, disinfectant, pH, extraction), drying processes, garment inspection and transportation. Pickup, unloading, and sorting of soiled items and clean laundry are mapped in order to ensure the separation of soiled and clean items, in order to prevent cross-contamination.

Linen napkins make a statement about your restaurant's quality and commitment to sustainable business practices. Now it's time to take those values one step further. Make sure your linen napkins (and other food service textiles) are being hygienically laundered by a certified facility in order to reduce the risks to your customer's health.

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